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Shibuya Rin █ Source information █ Artist(s) ● 深井涼介

Anime picture with idolmaster idolmaster cinderella girls shibuya rin bonkiru long hair single tall image blush blue eyes looking at viewer brown hair simple background white pleated skirt open collar adjusting hair arm behind back girl skirt uniform

shibuya rin is the idol of the characters in anime Idolmaster Cinderella.

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Anime picture with idolmaster idolmaster cinderella girls shibuya rin weee (raemz) long hair single tall image looking at viewer black hair green eyes fringe head tilt hand in pocket girl uniform school uniform headphones scarf school bag cardigan

1girl arms_at_sides bangs brown_hair casual closed_mouth collared_dress collared_shirt commentary cowboy_shot dress dress_shirt eyelashes fashion fingernails floral_print frown green_eyes grey_background kurokeisin long_dress long_hair long_skirt looking_at_viewer original pleated_skirt shirt short_sleeves simple_background skirt solo standing

arms at sides bangs brown hair casual closed mouth collared dress collared shirt commentary cowboy shot dress dress shirt eyelashes fashion fingernails floral print frown green eyes grey background kurokeisin long dress long hair long skirt looking a