Vampire Knight

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vampire knight yuki

Yuki Kuran(Yuki Cross) - Vampire Knight Anime The Pureblood princess!

Vampire knight zero

Render Vampire Knight - Renders Vampire Knight Zero Kiryu Vampire Plus

Zero and Yuuki ~ Vampire Knight

Whenever you look up know that you're being looked down at. Zero Kiryu and Yuuki Cross/Kuran - Vampire Knight/Vampire Kight Guilty

Vampire Knight

Ichiru Kiryu I feel bad for Ichiru and I pity him, but I still think he's an idiot and want to smack him.

Vampire Knight- Yuki x Zero

Vampire Knight- Yuuki/Yuki Cross/Kuran x Zero Kiryu/Yuuki/Yuki Cross/Kuran and Zero Kiryu

Image via We Heart It #vampireknight #zero

Image via We Heart It #vampireknight #zero