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Recruitment Humor- All recruiters have probably felt this at one point or another or know someone who has.

2017 Recruiting Trends and Highlights

Business and management infographic & data visualisation 2017 Recruiting Trends and Highlights. Infographic Description 2017 Recruiting Trends and Highli

SLAP! recruiter memes #LinkedIN

You deserve this Bitchslap - Batman Bitchslap

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The Cost of a Bad Hire Infograhpic. A A good reference with many interesting statistics and metrics about pre-employment screening and background checks.

When comparing the cost of engaging a high quality staffing firm, be sure to consider how much it costs when a hire fails. Sourcing and matching candidates with the right job opportunities takes competencies that different from your core business and diff

The problem with finding a job.

It is not uncommon for job postings to require something ridiculous like 10 years experience. However, the most outrageous experience requirement I have never seen was a job posting requiring at least 20 years experience.