Obidos   Portugal

I was here - Óbidos medieval town - Portugal. North of Lisbon started as a Roman city. There are still some remains of Roman structures. After 713 the Mours took over & remained until in 1148 the Portuguese king conquested it .

The famous portuguese "pasteis de nata" , so delicious. Enveryone should taste this at least once...with a pinch of cinnamon...HUUUMM!! and such a beautifull photo, too...

Recipe for traditional Portuguese custard tarts--this looks like an authentic version. Must try! Pratos e Travessas: Pastéis de nata # Portuguese custard tarts

Absinto: a bebida suiça já chegou a ser comercializada com teor alcoólico de mais de 70%.

March is NATIONAL ABSINTHE DAY! Learn more about this Infamous Liqueur and get some Green Fairy Cocktails by clicking the photo!