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Secret message valentines...

28 Easy DIY Valentines Anyone (Yes, Anyone!) Can Make

These gorgeous Valentine's Day cards are so easy to make, anyone can impress loved ones with a homemade valentine. Just a few paper punches, embellishments, patterned papers, and our free printables turn these easy Valentine's Day cards into a beautiful way to say "I love you."

cute valentine's day present involving invisible ink (made of lemon juice) and a message in a bottle

Valentine craft for LMNOP blog

Did you know you can make great invisible ink from lemon juice? Armed with this new bit of knowledge I put my thinking cap on and came up with the idea that invisible ink + message in bottle = cool …


Handprint heart

Handprint heart by teachersak on

Owl Valentine's

Owl Valentines

If you're one of Sweet P's friends or extended family members QUIT READING or you'll spoil the surprise! It should come as no surprise that I love owls and will hopefully pass that love along to Sweet P. So when I was thinking of what to make as Valentine cards for Sweet P's friends and extended family, what did I think of? Owls, of course! The Farmer helped me come up with a few sayings (and he even suggested double layering the hearts) and instead of choosing one we have several messages…

valentine count down DIY

Valentine Countdown Project and Tutorial

I've been busy working on this Valentine's Day Countdown for my daughter the past few days. It hangs on our front closet in our great room, ...

Paper Bag Purse, from Let Kids Create

Paper bag purse

Pin It A few weeks ago, we heard of the Creative Challenge given by Tinkerlab. The material for this challenge was to be paper bags....

10 awesome Valentine's Ideas!!!!!

13 awesome Valentine's day ideas

Huge list of Valentine's Day crafts and activities you will love!

Fingerprint heart cards - Stamps giveaway - beautiful!

The Heart Project {and Giveaway}

An art blog for children, by children!

Recycle your Christmas Cards into Valentine Cards - either yourself or with your children!

Kids Craft: Valentine's Handprints & Cards - Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids easy & fun

Super simple recycled Valentine’s Day Cards for kids today, as well as some adorable keepsake Handprint Cards for Valentine’s. This week’s Kids Craft Valentine’s Cards are shared the Pre K and K collaborative blog. Pre Kand K is a fantastic resource for anyone that has or takes care of or teach children in Kindergarten age […]

Valentines Activities that connect to the book Hug by Jex Alborough. :)

A ‘HUG’ for Valentine’s Day – art and activities too

Hug is a story of a mother's love.