The water is nice, but I'm not sure about those bench-cubicles. (The Green Atrium That Defines the Building, by PLH studio, Søborg, Copenhagen)

RS + studio a conçu une nouvelle promenade sur le bord du lac Paprocany en Pologne, pour le plus grand plaisir des badauds.

Completed in 2014 in Tychy, Poland. Images by Tomasz Zakrzewski . Paprocany lake is the place where inhabitants of Tychy often spend their spare-time/(free time). In the neighborhood of the promenade there is.

River Quay on South Bank in Parklands, Brisbane by Cardno s.p.l.a.t. & Arkhefield

Contemporary Bench, Landscape Design, River Quay on South Bank in Parklands, Brisbane by Cardno s.

Street bench in Trentino, Italy by Bellitalia. Click image for company profile and visit the boards >>

Street bench in Trentino, Italy by Bellitalia


Innovative street furniture on display in this open space in Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany The LA Team

paisagismo com bancos

Plaza de Santo Domingo by Mariñas Arquitectos Asociados. Click image for details, and visit the Slow Ottawa 'Plaza' board for more people-friendly urban spaces.

Banco de madeira sem encosto HARRIS ISOLA by Metalco | design Sjit

Plaza Decking / Bench in a public park makes an excellent gathering space where nighttime lighting aids in safety efforts. Overall a really crisp design, simple, yet elegant.