Portuguese Traditional Guitar

I wonder if my cousin Eleanor still has my Ava's? The fabulous Portuguese guitar! Have ever heard someone playing it? It's just strikingly tear you apart and it pulls together you back again.

Portuguese jewelry from Minho #Portugal

Ourivesaria portuguesa oitocentista - Old illustration with Viana do Castelo Portuguese craft - Portuguese filigrana metal craft


European Heritage Library - European history, cultures, historical memory, and European and immigrant identities - Portugal

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira, Portugal

Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo, Portugal

Portugese girl

Portugal: Portuguese costume reveals a cultural and ethnic link to their Spanish relatives, with slight divergences to reflect Portugal's longer and distinct history. It is, interestingly, similar in many ways to Basque dress.

Viana do Castelo - Camponesa de Santa Marta de Portuzelo. Costumes Portugueses.

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Portuguese Barbie!

Part of the Dolls of the World Princess Collection Princess of the Portuguese Empire Barbie doll wears a glorious jacquard and burgundy velvet gown inspired by Renaissance fashion. A delicate cap of .