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Summer Project! "Don't waste time sifting through piles of worksheets - save yourself the headache and create a “master book,” a tool that organizes all your papers and keeps them all in one place. Tackle your mound of papers by sorting through each one, tossing what you don't need and keeping one copy of every important worksheet. Place them in a 3-ring binder with dividers for each month."


The Peanut Gallery

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10 Great Organizing Printables! Let's get organized. :)

10 Great Organizing Printables

This post has moved to our new blog. Go there now to see and download the 10 Great Organizing Printables. *** It’s interesting how the movie “Groundhog Day” changed the meaning of this holiday for so many people. What was...

Behavior Charts, Notes & Contracts

Behavior Charts, Notes & Contracts

This 66-page packet contains a wonderful assortment of cute behavior charts and notes, + self-esteem building and motivational ideas, to help modify behavior, while making your life easier and more organized. Behavior Charts, Notes & Contracts From:

Menu Planning for a Year ... Love this!  I thought I was organized, but this is one step beyond my organization. Great idea.

Putting together your Meal Plan Binder for the year

****UPDATE- The 2013 version of the menu planner is up and ready for you to download (for free)! So, after you read this post head on over to this one to download the fresh and free version!**** …


Data collection form for portfolios...what letters can the child recognize, reading level, and sight words known.

Super Size Assessment Binder and a Freebie

As I prepare to start school (on Tuesday), I decided to revisit/rethink my assessment recording forms from the previous years. Unlike most ...


Emma Berger

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great lesson planning strategy-site has more pics


A couple of years ago while I had a student teacher, I organized all of my year's lessons and materials into a huge binder. It took a lot of time, but has saved me a HUGE amount of time since then. Here's how it worked. I print off my lesson plans for the week, three whole punch them and place them in my binder. Behind the lessons, I place a sheet protector with one copy of each thing I will need copied for that week. This way I can just take out my sheet protector and walk it down to the…

Neat idea

A list of all documents, phone #s etc. you should have in an emergency binder complete with pictures and FREE downloads. Half of the work

A list of all documents, phone #s etc. you should have in an emergency binder complete with pictures and FREE downloads. Half of the work by lizzie on

Daycare forms and ideas!

Free Daycare Forms

All the free daycare forms you need to run a successful home daycare. Everything from the basic contract to emergency forms to kids awards and more. Simply print and use.