Portugal- -These are absolutely beautiful, I wonder how many it would take to tile a bathroom and how much ?

Portuguese ceramic tiles by Bordalo Pinheiro. The tiles are built up to create different layers, so the beauty of the image isn't lost and looks flat.

Barcos rebelo ; Porto

The Portuguese Rabelo boat is a typical vessel of the Douro River, Oporto - Portugal

3D ceramic tyle

Coimbra, Portugal - handmade tiles can be customized Love the blue/grey ///gold

Bordallo Pinheiro - loiça da famosa fábrica Bordalo Pinheiro nas Caldas da Rainha.

Bordallo Pinheiro pottery from Portugal is widely available in the U.

Santo Antonio festivities in Alfama quarter. Lisbon, Portugal

Santo Antonio festivities in Alfama quarter. Lisbon, Portugal - Images of Portugal


After a huge success with Heritage Cabinet and its honor to the hand painted tiles Portuguese history, Boca do Lobo, Limited Edition now presents an Heritage Sideboard. This Heritage sideboard version present you a different number layers, were each

Take me to Barcelos :)

I'm Your Souvenir. Portugal Galo de Barcelos - Barcelos Rooster postmarked in 2012 with a Portugal Circus stamp signed on the back by 19 members at a Postcrossing meet-up


Church - Portuguese blue tiles or azulejos - the real thing. The Portuguese word for blue is 'azul' and the Arabic term for polished to a shiny, smooth finish is 'zulej'. Hence, 'Azulejo'.