4 pillows + 1 twin flat sheet. Cute idea.

DIY Pillow Mattress - 4 pillows and 3 yards of fabric- this would be awesome for an adult movie night too! no more hard floor

Make a clothing rack for dress up clothes

The best clothing racks to help you organize your closet and stay clutter-free from clothes. Shelves are key when you're planning where to place your clothing rack. Explore closet organization and closet furniture for your clothing on Domino.

Playroom Mail - for kids to leave letters, drawings, etc

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar: The Quest for the Perfect Playroom - The Final Chapter! - Love the ladder for kids to climb on and the mailbox is a great idea!

Easy washi tape storage.

Easy Washi Tape Storage

Cute and so easy! Washi Tape storage and organization idea using wooden dowels & removable hooks from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Easy, Affordable {DIY Deck} made from {Concrete Blocks & Railroad Ties}

Easy Deck With Concrete Blocks and Railroad Ties

Fast DIY Deck!

New wooden deck at View Along the Way. Amazing what a difference a wooden deck can do for outdoor living.