Ribbon dispenser from plastic bottles.

Ribbon dispenser from 2 plastic soda bottles. Put a disk of cardboard cut from cereal boxes in between each ribbon roll. Thread ribbon rolls on a dowel. The rubber bands hold the bottle together and also holds down the ribbons

Collar perla cultivada en agua dulce, acero, caucho y plata de 1ª ley

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Ideas Jewelry: This design could be adapted easily to use other beads. There are some nice Czech beads in the shop that would look great with this

Pretty Rose Hair Flower

DIY Nylon Flower , I have been looking all over for this. I have had some from the 50 s and wanted to know how they did this flower !

Faire de jolis pots a la mode a moindres couts c'est une merveilleuse idée

Add a fun twist to gifting and serving treats with our DIY easy Animal Topper Mason Jars. Make in a snap! We have tons of toys and figures at The ReUstore.

Toalhas de lavabo

Shouting, Towel, Patchwork, Flower, Home Decor, Embroidery, Manual Labor, Delicacy, Sweetness

Pretty Turquoise Pillow

Turquoise blue Velvet decorative cushion with embroidery.the shades of turquoise here are magnificent

محترفات الراندا والخياطة المغربية: جليلبات مع رشيمات ديالهم

محترفات الراندا والخياطة المغربية: جليلبات مع رشيمات ديالهم


Border Embroidery, Floral Embroidery, Saree Border, Indian Suits, Caftans, Needlework, Coloring Book, Tissue, Embroidery

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