Bohemian tent

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beach picnic

Picnic at the beach Summer picnic. White Ash Picnic Basket A sweet teepee


Beautiful picnic setup beneath the cherry blossoms. What a wonderful idea! This would make such a thoughtful and romantic date!


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I really do want to build a winch to raise and lower things to and from the beach. Elegant picnic on the beach

Crush Cul de Sac

He reads his favourite paragraphs from the spiritual book we've been studying together. We drift along the water and find that our simple picnic, along with the love that exists between us, has created a perfect moment within the abundance of time.

Heel gezellig zo'n hoekje in je tuin.

Bohemian Backyard, this Grandma loves this space in the backyard to rest after gardening!


Picnic "Picnic For One", bread, olive oil, tomatoes and avocado with orange lemon water. butterfly pasta (farfalle) with vegetables picnic P.

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