polka dot glitter eggs

Pretty No-Dye Easter Eggs

No-dye polka dot Easter eggs: just attach double-sided adhesive dots and roll in glitter. Super easyNo-dye polka dot Easter eggs: just attach double-sided adhesive dots and roll in glitter.

Little Chick deviled eggs

Deviled Egg Chicks: Cut eggs to remove yolks as in picture. Use your favorite deviled egg recipe and prepare the filling. Fill eggs and replace top. Use a bit of black olive and carrot to make eyes and nose. Cute idea for Easter!


Rice Krispie Treat Pizza

Rice Krispie Treat Peep Pizza but since I don't like peeps I'll use marshmallow bunnies : )

painted eggs

Add a Little Flair to Your Easter Eggs

Its the time of the year where you encourage your kids to paints eggs for Easter. You know theyll never make it as beautiful as these ones. So IF your eggs turned out these beautiful.then you need serious counselling about having fun.

Bunny Slippers

These baby bunny slippers are just TOO cute! Keep your little one's toes toasty - and adorable - this Easter.

banded eggs

Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Band Egg Design Create a bold look with graphic stripes on dyed eggs. Wrap eggs with wide rubber bands (the ones often found on broccoli at the supermarket) before dunking them in dye. Wash rubber bands well between uses to avoid transferring dye.

Super Easy To Make Treat Bags For Easter

Celebrate Easter 2012 with Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids. Discover Easy Holiday Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids. With other simple Easter Art Project Ideas and gifts.

polka dotted treats

Polka Dot cookie jar, very nice, it must be full of cookies though.ah, that& why I don& wear those pretty dresses.

pretty bunny cakes

Quick Easter Bunny Wabbits – Craft


Dye-Free Easter Eggs

Dye-Free Easter Eggs- Egg Heads Make sweet and simple Easter eggs this year with our darling dye-free decorating techniques.

Moustache Eggs & more Easter DIYs via Hello Lucky

Easter Craft Projects

MUSTACHE Colorful eggs get a dandy accent when you dress them with mini handlebars.


Cute Illustrations - Art Print ACEO for all the tea and bunny lovers This Bunnies and teaprint of mine is now available as an ACEO for you to collect.