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Snowflake Hand Embroidery Pattern

Evolution of an Embroidery Pattern

The silver thread in yesterday’s article cries for transformation into a snowflake. After all, here in Kansas, winter’s coming, and so is Christmas. A hand-made Christmas ornament will make a perfect “small” project. I started playing with the idea of a snowflake design by working out 6 lines on a circular grid. I made little ...

Amazing Hand Embroidery: Learn Flower Ideas with Tricks

Amazing Hand Embroidery: Do you want to learn flower ideas with tricks and tips to add your hand embroidery projects?Flower Designs are a classic motif in em...

Snowflake Symphony 3 (Blackwork)

Machine Embroidery Designs at Embroidery Library! - Embroidery Library

An elegant one-color snowflake is a graceful addition to low-nap towels, linens, pillow shams, and more.

Beautiful herb embroidery.

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